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5 Important Tips


You've been pulled over by the police on your way home from a dinner party and you are asked to take a field sobriety test. What do you do?


1. Don't blow. You have the right to refuse taking a breath test. Yes, it's true, your license may be suspended longer than if you had blown, but you want to beat the case, right? Instead, offer to give a blood sample.


2. Don't do any sobriety test at all at the scene where you are stopped or at the station when you are arrested. You can refuse.


3. Don't lean against the car or anything else. Every little thing you do that shows intoxication will be used against you in court.


4. Don't say anything. They will use your statements against you in court. Common mistakes are saying, "Officer, I couldn't even do those tests if I were sober." or, "I know I'm wasted."


5. Speak clearly and be polite.

How to avoid a DUI

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